Friday, May 23, 2014

Marching Aimlessly...

What do you do if you call a march and no one comes? Well despite the usual suspects and some state paid oil workers, that is pretty much what became of the mother of all marches carded for today, and now that they have failed to make a dent in the body politic and the national conscience the only option available to Rowley, Warner, Abdulah, Roget, Ramesh & Co. is to accept defeat or unleash hell.

Surely the money laundering cabal are not happy at today's turn out, and despite the millions spent trying to convince T&T that the Sailor Man and his rag tag j'ouvert band was the better option, the People's Partnership drew more people to the Parliament than the entire opposition array did for their 'time to get' serious march, advertised as the beginning of the end and prompting some in their numbers to temporarily lose their minds.

Unleashing hell through certain compromised elements in the media, they set sail for a day of reckoning only to have it fall flat, and if all that Ramesh could bring to the table is Anil smoking weed so call elections, all i could do standing there on Independence Square was laugh.

Because i went to see for myself what was the outcome, not trusting media numbers for something so important, and they almost had more police than marchers.

This morning i had cause to point out to Maxie Cuffie, a man for whom i had the greatest respect that the fact that Rolwey would NEED him to come out unmasked and stand with him said so much, that perhaps he was running out of people to hide behind and that fact alone should have cautioned my friend against the fool's errand.

Now the entire crew stands limp and impotent.

The Highway Reroute Movement drew less of a following than even the Kirk Waithe one man band Jinxin' T&T, and despite the herculean efforts of political terrorist Inshan Ishmael to demonise the government, without the showing of the OWTU day off crew, today was nothing more than a failure of epic proportions for the band of rogues in this Unholy Alliance.

Last night both Jack Warner and David Abdulah went in tag team fashion to harness the disgruntled among the 'gih mih a fridge' crowd on the TV6 town hall meeting held ironically in the same spot today's march came to rest, and despite Marcia Henville's cheap theatrics and cheaper call for a revolution among the well fed unemployed, Roget & Co. was left with egg on their faces as they looked to union buddies to explain why this little woman from Siparia continues to beat them all at every turn.

Today a line was drawn in the sand and the PNM and friends chose to align themselves publicly and loudly as third in a two man race.

I have said before what is normal for the PNM is chaos for the nation and it is that they must now turn to, chaos itself. David Abdulah knows this path too well and as reminiscent as the idea behind today's 'fed up' march was to the high glory days of resentment of SOPO, today's march attracted fewer of the bitch and moan crew than even i thought possible and he may have to get more than an ageing terrorist to lend him a hand.

But i can't say i am all that surprised.

The writing was already on the wall. This morning major trade unions and civil society sounded public rejection of this PNM event one after the other, and like the paid bell ringer man whose belly with rumbling from the cheap ham sandwich and hot chubby given to the rent a crowd, the sound in Port of Spain this Friday evening was mournful and sad.

So what now?

Andrew Gabriel, John Rahael and Faris al Rawi need to accept that they have failed, that the country does not want what they are offering, and perhaps they all need to find other avenues of pursuit.

For the People's Partnership today was an immense victory that needs to be translated into momentum leading into 2015, and for the nation as a whole it is time to move forward with the business of development, confident with the last of the needless and wasteful distractions behind us.

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