Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On the 'licks' video...

There is a viral video making the rounds on social media of a mother beating her twelve year old with a belt for almost six minutes, and i have been resisting commenting on it because of the emotional response to most on seeing it.

My question is to all who would join the debate here, in these times when parenting and discipline have become almost impossible, when popular culture such as Disney and Nickleodeon portray parents as idiots and people to be ignored, what is a parent supposed to do?

This woman looked like she was at her wit's end, but tell me, what in the society in which she is raising that girl child supports her and assists her in bringing her up to adulthood safe, secure, educated and ready to be launched into her life without a STD, a child, the vicious cycle of the baby daddy syndrome?

I remember reading somewhere that social media and digital cameras have reduced young girls to vagina delivery devices, so tell me, in a world where that young girl had to pose half naked to fit in and feel appreciated by society, what was that mother to do?

Do i condone violence against children?

Not at all.

But the conversation cannot end there.

This generation has been referred to as the 'Generation of Me.'

Where what they want is all that matters.

Short of putting that child out of the house and delivering her to the wolves that are awaiting to eat her young flesh up, what was that mother to do to get the message across?

I ask without offering my opinion, although i personally believe that somewhere along the way many people have abandoned their responsibility to their children to install proper values and to society by raising children aware of the rules and consequences of breaking those rules, what was this mother to do?

Sit her down and chat with her? So that her friends and the big men her mother referred to who are chatting up this child could tell her ignore that nonsense?

Between the responsibility of keeping that child and raising her, and protecting her from her own decisions, tell me, in a world where crime and punishment is a real thing to that child and any children that SHE might have out of time, what does society want that mother to do?

How does it empower and assist her, this national village, in protecting that child?

Six minutes of licks could have saved her and the onlookers from a life of pure desperation and suffering; six minutes of licks could have made her pack her things and go live with the 'maxi-man' who waiting to 'bite that up' for the next couple of months.

Looking at it in the context of where they live and what the future holds for that young girl if she were to get pregnant out of time, tell me, what was that mother supposed to do?

Is six minutes of licks and hard talk too much? It seems so. But what if it saves her life?

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