Monday, April 21, 2014

Political Clarity...

With the failure of the Jack Warner 'one man/con man show' the ILP, the voters need to be quite clear that they are not hoodwinked.
The PNM, desperate to hide its sins and those of its leader are working around the clock to bring the government into disrepute.
Not able to challenge the government on the delivery of services they have used corrupt elements in the media to smear reputations and pull down Ministers.
To quote comedia Robin Williams who was asked to comment on Bill Clinton's alleged affair with Monica Lwewinsky and others - "I don't care if he's screwing chickens, we elected him to do a job, if he's doing that job well, that's all i care about."
And i agree with that position.
The PNM were no bastions of celibacy while in office, the Hyatt was at one time considered a multi storied orgy, the fact of the matter is that they did a woefully miserable job of running the country and were fired.
Basdeo Panday is toting feelings ever since he was humiliated, defeated and fired. He needs to accept that he can NEVER win an election again in this country, and all of his work can only benefit the PNM.
The public needs to ignore Basdeo Panday.
David Abdulah is a has been wanna be who ended up in the Partnership having signed on to Winston Dookeran's anti-Panday alliance and stayed for the ride. He was never comfortable and spent his entire career in the PP causing strife and trying to break it from within. Now he is back to working hard to pull a government down, similar to what he did to the NAR in the days and months leading up to the attempted coup. His involvement in SOPO has never been adequately explained, but SOPO's involvement with the Jamaat al Muslimeen has been.
To vote anything but People's Partnership in the next election is to return to chaos. Ignore the corrupted few in the media whose agenda has been exposed. The Editor in Chief who is sleeping with a political leader. The other who is living large on questionable funds. The journalist whose attempts at extorting a state company for her boyfriend to get a 20 million dollar contract. The two who were fired from one media house only to land on their feet in another newsroom with the same agenda. The head of the Media Association of Trinidad & Tobago whose name was called as a beneficiary of a secret PNM scholarship fund.
The facts of the matter are simple.
The country is being run and run well. Every day thousands more are added to the list of people receiving water 24/7, some receiving water for the first time. Crime is down to its lowest level, and for those still foolish enough to commit crime, arrest is almost a sure thing. Want to shoot at officers or flee while being pursued? First buy your flowers. The country is being run and run well. Four years of steady economic growth, four quarters of unprecedented growth, the country is being run and run well. Unemployment at the lowest in our history, opportunities for trade certification at no cost, nursing and vocational academies that pay you while you learn, the country is being run and run well. The health sector, that lumbering colossus of corruption is being turned around. Pre-natal deaths at an all time low. Corrupt doctors being investigated, charged, fired and removed from the system. Now health facilities are working like private sector Companies, and while it may not be perfect as yet, it is a thousand times better than pre-May 2010.
Look, don't be conned by Jack and his sexcapades. Don't be fooled by Panday and his crocodile tears. Don't be misled by the Fixin' T&T that said nothing while a thousand billion dollars was stolen at Tarouba, or the eight hundred million misappropriated in Scarborough trying to 'arrive alive,' he didn't know what corrupt enrichment was then?
I keep posting so you learn, what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.
Let me tell you why:
The PNM and it cabal of rogue elements and suspicious characters wants the country to return to 'normal,' but what is normal to them? No services for 'country.' No scholarships for east indian sounding last names. Close down Caroni Limited 'for cositng us money' while pumping more money into URP part two, better known as CEPEP. Terrorising anyone who could be considered financiers of the 'indian' party. Consorting with 'community leaders' so that a certain race of people could be scared away from the country through kidnapping and violent crime.
What is normal for the PNM is chaos for everyone else.
To listen to Panday is to put PNM back in power.
To listen to Ramesh is the same. To pay any attention to the one man con man show that is Jack Warner's ILP is to put the PNM back in power.
To do anything but focus on voting the People's Partneship back into office is to take us back to those dark days of PNM hegemony and dictatorship.
Are there things that need fixing and some team members who have to go?
Absolutely. But THIS Prime Minister has demonstrated time and again that she will take action. Not like a certain rottweiler who sat in a Cabinet for six years and ate and drank his fill while complaining that it was the most corrupt in history.
Don't be fooled by barking dogs. Don't be conned. On May 23rd a political terrorist named Inshan is having a march, go see who is leading that march. The same Inshan that called Jack a crook, the same Jack that called Inshan a fraud, together again in common interest, befriended by the Keith Rowley who says one thing yesterday and something else today. Go look at the amalgamation of evil that wants your vote. A lawyer who represents terrorists and drug lords today and state tomorrow, back to terrorists and drug lords where he is most comfortable. Forget the spin, see for yourself what you are up against, the coming chaos of that crew and reject them all.
The People's Partnership may not be perfect, but they are the best government this country has ever had. You have freedoms and protections you diid not even know you needed, this country is working and working well.
Don't be fooled.

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