Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Apologies to All...

On Tuesday morning of this week I had cause to encounter the leader of the opposition Dr. Keith Rowley at a funeral for a dear and departed friend, and the look with which Dr. Rowley looked at me could only be described as dismay. It seems that my constant harping on the fact that as a Prime Ministerial hopeful if for no other reason common sense should have prevailed upon him over the Carnival season and, before throwing caution to the wind and demonstrating his wining skills for all to see, he should have instead chosen dignity and restraint. I realize now that I was out of place to give the good doctor such advice and I apologize. Loyal supporters of his have said to me repeatedly that if his wife did not mind if he looked obscene putting all of his sixty plus years on the back of this unfortunate seventeen year old girl why should I, and in truth, why indeed? No, I accept that my standards are not their standards and public office holder or not, if the culture allows for jammette behavior, what better example then should he give of being a true true Trini than being a bigger jammette than everyone else? Dr. Keith Rowley, for raining on your parade, I wholeheartedly apologize.

And while i'm at I might as well apologize to the Prime Minister of the Republic, for taking her at her word that what she wanted was to lead a government of principle that demonstrated morality in all affairs regardless of cost to self. Foolish me, taking that chain up as the young people say, I really should have known better and I apologize. My position that if an Attorney General is accused of using his Office to peddle his influence in exchange for favors no matter how perverse to law, justice and decency, we who might know or be able to bear witness to his indecency need to shut to hell up and not offer to help promote the same morality, not when it brings embarrassment to the same Prime Minister who was now forced to choose between partners in, uh, enterprise over her own espoused positions. Madame Prime Minister, I apologize sincerely for not encouraging the Minister of National Security to be quiet and let sleeping dogs lie. Foresight not having the benefit of hindsight's twenty twenty vision, I led my own self astray.

There is a liberation one gets when one apologizes, it frees one of the burden of one's own mistakes and passes it onto the law of forgiveness. I must confess to those same selfish motives as I save my last apology for the political leader of the Congress of the People, Prakash Ramadhar. Honorable leader, I apologize for not understanding that new politics is old politics with straighter hair. I apologize for thinking that we in the Congress of the People really meant what we said when we said we were here to change the politics, I understand now what we meant was were here here to change the 'beneficiaries' of the politics. Now fully ensconced in the enemy's camp, to us should go the spoils, not any nonsense notion of walking in the rain without getting wet, it was 'we time now' and foolishly I failed to understand that what we were supposed to do was dance in the rain. I take from your example and will never forget, arriving first at the scene of an accident one has a responsibility to go through the victim's pockets for whatever available valuables one could claim for oneself, especially now that they can have no further use for them. Your ability to use every stumble of the People's Partnership to advance your own career while diminishing the party you lead takes a level of skill I do not yet possess, and while I may never have the talents you have for moving on up, for not understanding your motives and intentions and holding you to standards to which you do not hold yourself, I apologize. And to all others who may have been part and parcel to the looting who took umbrage at my holding COP values as a guide for COP actions, I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologize to all.

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