Monday, February 9, 2015

Running on Empty...

The Fyzabad Accord that breathed the People's Partnership into being, that amalgamated UNC, COP, MSJ, NJAC, TOP and a few other smaller brands was a hastily arranged marriage in response to the growing public call that the then Prime Minister and his government be removed.

It was never meant as a permanent arrangement as then the need to remain separate entities would have been erased.

Had the signatories to the Accord taken the time to cement the relationship with roles and responsibilities that respected all parties it may have proven beneficial to supporters of all the disparate units. As it were, the UNC used the other member parties only insofar as they proved useful to UNC needs, to give itself something like credibility in the marginals as the UNC brand alone does not travel outside of the Hindu belt and is not sufficiently strong to take on the PNM.

Knowing this and doing nothing to make sure that all member parties and their supporters were equally respected and taken care of shows the greed of the tiny minds behind this version of the UNC, whose ultimate goal seems to have been power and money at all costs.

Now the COP is in tatters and the UNC finds itself needing something else to continue the ruse, ironically after they themselves contributed to the death of the very COP they now need today.

But that shows the shortsightedness of the individuals.

Now a 'Kamla-Mania' that existed only as a counter balance to Patrick Manning is replaced by a distrust for the UNC and an unmasking of the intentions of some of their key inner circle members especially where the continuing saga of Ish & Steve and their fight to evade justice is concerned.

From day one this government appears to have been used to facilitate those ends, from questions surrounding appeals and extradition, the hidden purpose of Section 34, the emailgate scandal and the current imbroglio involving the ex-Attorney General and the Police Complaints Authority Director, that cost the government its most loved and best performing Minister and much credibility outside of the UNC strongholds.

Embattled on all sides it is functioning politically like some mad whirling dervish, giving in a frenzy to anything that could make them look like the caring, delivering government their rhetoric wants thew public to believe they are.

Pan money and church money and hasty Tobago arrangements are no exchange for clearly defined policy and a legislative agenda, and the lack of real development plans and government by voop is going to deliver some interesting headlines in the next few months.

Yes people are going to be happy for the roads and bridges and thankful for the water, but not many are going to be unhappy to see this government of scandal and intrigue finally remit office.

If Patrick Manning was a dictator, then Kamla and crew are ultimately deceivers, using people pleasing populous measures to distract from the fact that for the duration of their term in office we have been running on momentum, accelerating into a five year long skid in a very destabilised society.

Contractor friends are rumoured to have gone from board house lodging to buying exotic cars by the dozen, lawyers with the ink still wet on their permissions to practice have become overnight millionaires, those shrewd businessmen who are party to the inner circle who came in as millionaires are leaving as billionaires, with the fall out from much of this slipshod governance expected to haunt the people of this country for a long time after they are gone, exemplified by the massive development taking pace in Chaguaramas to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars designed to attract visitors in the tens of thousands, accessible still and only via a two lane roadway that cannot handle the traffic that already exists. Contractors have been given contracts to build box drains literally on top of box drains, firetruck rescues and sinkholes repairs done without estimate, Lifesport, WASA and GISL sharing sole select contracts and treasury money as if it were their own to share.

The MSJ is gone, the TOP is no more, and if the Congress of the People had a shred of dignity left it would pull completely out of this grand lie before it does any more damage, to show the majority of voters that it still has principle and is worthy of consideration and their vote come election time.

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